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A Great Summer 2012

Europe & Ireland

Electric Céilí Summer Concerts 2012 - Audiences in excess of 100,000

Electric Céilí were delighted with their Summer festival performances 2012. They performed to audiences exceeding 120,000 people.

In Europe they performed a number of festivals across Italy, Spain and France, taking in some of the more popular and well established festivals, such as Ortigueara Celtic Fest in Spain headlining on Saturday night to 35,000 people. There was a number of performances in Italy including the Celtic Festival in Aosta with a unique setting high in the Alps and audience exceeding 10,000. In France the performed a number of concerts and one to note was Traversées de Tatihou on the island of Tatihou off the coast of Normandy to a very highly charged and brilliant French audience.

In Ireland Electric Céilí were delighted to open the famous Puck Fair Festival in Kilorglin, Co Kerry. The oldest festival in Europe and this year was it's 399th running. There was a number other performances taking in some high profile Corporate events hosted by some of Ireland's best Event and Destination management companies.

We would really like to thank all the organisers and promoters for working with us and making it extremely enjoyable.
Also a big thanks to Eamonn De Barra and Ray Fean for there outstanding performances in the absence of Barra and Paul for a couple of the shows.

We will perform at the well known and very popular Johnny Keenan Festival on Friday 21st of Sept in Tullamore in Co Offally. Looking forward to it.

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