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Paul Moran

Paul Moran | Electric CéilíDrums

Paul Moran is without doubt one of the most experienced and respected Drummers in the business. In 1983 Paul joined Clannad for several tours and albums including Robin Hood, Harry’s Game and the Hit single “Once in a Lifetime” with guest vocalist Bono. After many successful years with Clannad he moved to Davy Spillane’s band.
The next step was five years covering the globe with the incredible Riverdance. Paul’s attention to feel is impeccable;
he is simply “a touch of class”. Over the years Paul has spent some time in the Studio with all the greats.
His name appears so often in the credits and here’s a sample: Christy Moore; Mick Hanly; Maura O’ Connell;
Delores Keane; Jimmy Mc Carthy and Bringing it all back home

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