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Gary Roche

Gary Roche| Electric CéilíUilleann Pipes

Gary Roche is an extremely talented musician who over the years has developed his craft to a level of superb skill. Gary began playing the Uileann Pipes when he was 8 years old at the Cork Pipers Club, where he still tutors whenever he gets the chance. From there he went on to win the Cork féis Matthew 3 years in a row and followed that with 3 all-Ireland fleadh ceol titles before retiring from competition. Gary has traveled extensively around the world playing music. His incredible piping has seen him perform to audiences in Australia, America, South Korea, the Middle East and parts of Europe. In recent years he has enjoyed much success performing with the Irish dance show called Ragús. Gary has many fine live performances, recordings and T.V. appearances to his credit. His musicianship is quite superb. His feel and development of dynamic on this extremely complex instrument has got to be admired and respected. Gary has composed some beautiful tunes and is also a fine exponent of the low whistle.

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